VJ 5.25 Skateboard Truck (139mm), Skateboard Wheels, Skateboard Bearings, Skateboard Riser Pads, Skateboard Screws

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SKATEBOARD PARTS SET: It includes skateboard trucks 5.25 (139mm), skateboard wheels 52mm, skateboard bearings Abec 7, skateboard screws 1.25″, skateboard riser pads 2mm, skateboard spacer
MID-SIZED SKATEBOARD TRUCKS, These are 5.25inch hanger 8inch Axle aluminum trucks w/ 90a hardness bushings and 4-hole baseplates, which will fit the new school pattern. And the mid-sized trucks suit most skateboarders for park or street skateboarding.
GOOD ALL-PURPOSE SKATEBOARD WHEELS, Our wheels 52mm, 53mm, and 54mm are 99a durometer which are easy to get off the ground. They are hard wheels and will give you good control for tricks and mobility.

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