vanpro DIY Electric Skateboard 5065 Brushless Motor Mount Bracket 80MM 90MM 97MM 100MM Pulley Wheel KIT Belt 5M 10MM (Snow Black, Pack of 1) Price: $28.63 (as of 13/01/2021 22:36 PST- Details)

Product does not include wheels Note that only round trucks are available in diameter: 18MM, which requires simple grinding of the trucks. If there is no processing capability, DIY products should be purchased with caution!
Only suitable for 50series(5065)brushless motor, motor shaft end plane screw fixing hole spacing: Φ30.0* 30.0(Little Pulleys Aperture: 8MM)
Please pay attention to confirm whether the PU wheel rectangular hole style is suitable.Works with Flywheel wheels Cruiser clones ,diameter:83/90/97/100MM Width: 52MM pu wheel 6rectangular holes wheel,