Peacock Couple in Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree Pretty Oil Painting Print Skateboard Grip Tape, Non Slip Tape, Scooter Grips, Longboard Grip Tape, Griptape Skateboard, Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet, Grip Price: $7.99 (as of 20/04/2021 23:51 PST- Details)

Size – grip tape for skateboards 33.1″ x 9.1″ inches/84cm x 23cm widely cut to fit most electric, gas, kids, boys, teen, girls, adults, womens, mens, youth skateboard, skate scooter, kick scooter, slide plate, rollerboard, standard skateboards,longboard skateboards, penny, cruiser board ,caster board skateboards and so on.
Timeproof High-strength Quality – Exclusive Silicon-Carbide grit binding process for grip that will not wear out. Super sticky adhesive that won’t peel in extreme heat or cold. Grainy, waterproof, wear resistant, backing that trims cleanly. Perfect for 9, 8.25, 8.0, 7.75, skateboard.
Multifunctional Grip Tape – Best adhesion and grip designed for scooter and skateboard riders of all levels. Improves rider’s grip which leads to better tricks and greater safety. It can also be used in , pedal, or step, in case of sliding or slipping.

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