Macwheel 500W Electric Bike, 27.5” Electric Mountain Bike with 48V/10Ah Removable Lithium-Ion Battery, Electric Commuting Bicycle with Suspension Fork (Wrangler 600) Price: $899.99 (as of 27/05/2021 02:04 PST- Details)

500W POWERFUL MOTOR & 480Wh REMOVABLE BATTERY – A powerful 500 watt motor proivde strong power with max speed at 15.5mph. The high capacity 48V/10Ah battery pack delivers a range of 50~62 miles in pedal assist mode and 25~31 miles in all electric mode
ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED – The 27.5 inch wheels and 16 inch large frame are in line with the current style of American body design, spacious and comfortable, your legs won’t get tired anywhere near as fast compared to a regular bike. This allows you to ride longer than ever before covering much greater distance
All Electric Mode – Flicking the throttle switch when the odometer displays 0 gear. The greater the pressure, the faster the speed. Electric Assist Mode – Pedaling when the odometer displays 1-5 gear, the larger the gear number, the less effort it takes