Locker Board Skateboard Fits in Backpack & Locker! Small Board 4 Adults & Kids 4 School: Cruiser Board & Kids Skateboard – As seen on Shark Tank Lockerboard Small Skateboard Mini Cruiser Boards Price: $49.99$116.00 (as of 08/04/2021 01:41 PST- Details)

FUN TO RIDE FOR SKATERS WHO LIKE TO CRUISE – SKATEBOARDS INVENTED BY A KID FOR CRUISING AND LANDED A DEAL ON SHARK TANK: These kid and adult skateboards were designed for cruising in style. Carson, made these smaller than traditional skateboards so he could take them anywhere and cruise. Fun, stable and stylish.
EASY TO TAKE ANYWHERE – THE ONLY NON-FOLDING CRUISER SKATEBOARD ON THE MARKET THAT CAN FIT INSIDE A BACKPACK AND LOCKER: These small skateboards fit in standard backpacks and the new bulletproof back packs for a fast getaway. The teen skateboarder came up with Lockerboard because he wanted a complete mini cruiser skateboard he could ride to school and fit in his backpack and locker. None of his skateboards or plastic boards would fit so he made one that could.
GOOD FOR THE PLANET – DESIGNED FROM 100% MAPLE WOOD: The Cruz Locker Board skateboard deck is made from 100% maple wood.

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