APOLLO Longboard for Professionals and Beginners; Long Board for Kids, Teens and Adults; Freeride Skateboard Cruiser and Downhill Longboards

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🤙 SURF THE STREETS: Got the urge to go surfing, but you’re surrounded by cold, hard concrete? You don’t need waves to soak up that surfing feeling…just grab an Apollo longboard and “hang ten” with wheels!
🛹 PREMIUM GRADE MATERIALS: Apollo uses only the highest quality, durable materials to manufacture top end longboards. Sturdy 43″ longboard decks made up of 5 layers – Bamboo(3 layers), Fiberglass(2 layers) – give you the most awesome cruising, freeriding and carving adventure you’ll ever experience!
🤙 BUILT BY PASSION & KNOWLEDGE: Give your kids a longboard built by people who have the passion and knowledge of longboarding, a team of experienced longboarders and designers who know what it takes to make a longboard complete!

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