Best Skateboard Parks In The USA

America – the birthplace of skateboarding! A sanctuary to some of the greatest skate legends worldwide.

Almost everybody has a bucket list of things they wish to accomplish someday. And, if you have a passion for skateboarding, you must fill yours with visits to some of the unrivaled skateboard parks across the United States of America.

The best skateboard parks in America can be found easily, from Portland to California, and everywhere around the East Coast in Philadelphia. You’ll discover some of the most thrill-filled street courses within iconic facilities and locations designed for skaters by skaters.

Most of the most incredible skateboard parks are on the west coast, and for a reason. The outdoor weather there is cooperative throughout the year. However, that’s not always the case because there are plenty of other parks you wouldn’t want to miss on the map’s eastern side.

Moreover, if skating around the neighborhood isn’t doing much for you, and you’re looking for an open and non-judgmental space to practice your skills, we got you covered!

Below are the top 10 best skateboard parks in the US that you must visit.

1. Lincoln City SkatePark

Widely known as one of the largest skateparks in the U.S, Lincoln City skatepark offers something new and intuitive on every visit. The park is an assortment of five mini-parks, expertly crafted by Dreamland Skateparks.

Every year, the skatepark receives an advancement or enters a new phase with a concrete design. The Lincoln City skatepark has been titled “The Gnarliest Skatepark in the World” because of its unique and gasp-worthy features.

2. Lake Cunningham Regional Skatepark

If we focus on the awesome stuff, Lake Cunningham Regional skatepark deserves mention.

Indeed, it’s a big park with tons of bowls for you to ride. On prime of that, it has the world’s largest cradle of 70 ft long, alongside thimbles, bowls, wide pipes, pools, street obstacles, and a mega wall.

Undoubtedly, it’s a bit extreme and overwhelming for beginners, but if you prefer to skate wild, this is the right park for you.

3. Burnside Skatepark

If a skatepark isn’t iconic and colorful, it has no purpose!

The Burnside skatepark is considered one of the most fantastic in the country due to its history and elements created in 1990 by skaters who desired a free space to skate. With their cement and shovel bags, they put together a wonderful park that has since become ideal for the rebellious past that it portrays. Therefore, a must-visit!

4. Vans Skatepark

In Orange County, Vans skatepark is the perfect place to witness veteran skateboarding professionals like Jeff Grosso, Christian Hosoi, and Steve Salba in action.

After designing skate shoes for over a decade, Vans decided to create a premium skatepark in California. With an enormous wooden street course and the outstanding upland combi bowl’s reformation, Vans skatepark doesn’t disappoint at all.

5. FDR Skatepark

Created by some wild-fire skaters that wanted something cool to skate in Philly, the FDR, a skatepark, is the most street-style place for skaters to practice their moves.

Other than being a masterpiece, its location is a bit bizarre. It is beneath a bridge of Interstate 95, with a 60 ft long bunker and a 4 ft dome.

6. Venice Beach Skatepark

If breathtaking is what you’re looking for, there couldn’t be anything better than the Venice Beach skatepark. Its location is pretty sweet, right on the beach bordered by palm trees.

The Venice Beach skatepark is not only the pinnacle of California skate culture; it’s also an ancient stomping ground of Tony Alva and Jay Adams.

7. Rob Dyrdek/D.C. Shoes Foundation Skate Plaza

What sets this skate place apart from others is that it resembles a multi-use and public square park more than a traditional skatepark by incorporating art and landscaping.

This park’s most exciting feature is that it’s the first significant public skatepark developed by pro skater Rob Dyrdek with DC shoes.

Instead of having the usual bowls and half pipes, Rob Dyrdek’s skate plaza gets designed for street skateboarding. It contains urban terrain rudiments, such as ledges, vertical ramps, rails, and benches.

8. David Armstrong Extreme Park

Previously known as the Louisville Extreme Park, this warm piece of land features a 24 ft full pipe – one of the largest for any skateboarding park in America. It’s open throughout the year – 24/7.

This free entry skatepark gained most attention after being included in Tony Hawk’s Secret Skatepark tour trailer in 2002. Moreover, if you love challenges, this park is the best place for you!

9. Skate Lab

Established in 1997, Skate Lab has been one of the best skateboarding venues in Florida.

It offers a massive collection of jumps, rails, and ramps, known to push potential skaters to their limits. Moreover, the Skate Lab’s most refined facets are enormous outdoor and indoor areas so that the weather is never an issue.

10. S.P.O.T – SkatePark of Tampa

Since hosting outdoor and indoor skate contests ever since its inauguration in 1993, Tampa’s skatepark featured numerous skateboarding videos. Due to the constant advancements in skateboarding, SPOT has made sure there’s a place for pro and beginner skaters.

Many professional contests have been held on this course, including the annual Tampa Pro competition, held yearly at the beginning of March.

The Verdict

While this list isn’t exhaustive, there are so many other great parks to skate throughout the United States, and the places mentioned here are good kick-starters.

Remember, skating in your neighborhood or backyard isn’t enough if you want to have a toast of victory at the end. It’s better to experiment in the outdoors because there’s always a wind of motivation and enthusiasm there.

On top of everything, you can make your skate group by hanging out with other pro skaters in parks, pushing you to the limits, and sharing moves to make you a better player.

So, go ahead and attempt any one of these parks; you won’t regret it!